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I offer my clientele base individualized exercise prescriptions, including strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and balance training, to help them achieve their goals.


I have previous experience working with various populations and base each exercise routine on my previous background; including a BS in Exercise Science Education and a certification through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Exercise Physiologist.


Each new client will begin with a fitness assessment to analyze body composition, resting heart rate, maximum bench press, heart rate recovery, and maximum push-ups.  These fitness assessments will help to establish a baseline of fitness and will be reassessed every 8 weeks.  Between fitness assessments, clients will engage with their trainer in individualized instruction on exercise and basic nutrition.


Each session is to last 45 minutes long.  The sessions will consist of strength training and will be supplemented with balance and flexibility.  I understand that participating in exercise is not fun for everyone.  I understand that maintaining a healthy diet is hard.  So with this understanding, I like to lend an empathic ear to all my clients to help better understand them.  In understanding, each client can be guided on their own path to achieve success.



Session Information

I am available to work with my clients weekdays from 3:30pm through 5:30pm and on weekends 7:00am – 12:00pm. There may be other times as well, so please coonnect with me and let me know what you need and we will try and workout times that work for you.



Where do I work out of? What areas do I service?
I work with clients out of 614Fitness in the Worthington area and am coming soon to Training Grounds in Dublin Ohio.


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